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AM Stringing, your Hawaii Yonex tennis dealer, dedicates itself to bringing you the latest Yonex tennis gear and accessories. So, visit this page regularly for the most recent Yonex tennis products! Tennis racquets, shoes, bags, and more!

Back Story

I remember seeing this Japanese-made racquet back in the late ‘70s. At that time, there were two aluminum racquets: T-7500 (gold) and T-8500 (green), both with the Oval Pressed Shaft system (OPS). The OPS construction was a unique-looking design, but its innovative elliptical shape provided strength upon impact.

Yonex introduced the iconic Isometric square-shaped racquet back in the ’80s. That’s when tennis greats, like Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova, started using Yonex racquets. These days, Yonex sponsors many players on the ATP and WTA tours, including Stan Wawrinka, Nick Kyrgios, and Naomi Osaka.

Setting Itself Apart

The Yonex brand is known for outstanding craftsmanship and a monozukuri approach. Monozukuri, is the essence of Japanese craftsmanship — art and science coming together in a dedication to quality and refinement.

Combining cutting-edge technology and timeless Japanese craftsmanship, Yonex has been offering tennis players innovative gear that has propelled them to victories on the courts for over 60 years. The Yonex philosophy has never changed: “to contribute to the world through innovative technology and the highest quality products.”

Yonex racquets, both for our players and customers, are made with very high standards and accuracy. Our racquets truly represent the quality of Japanese monozukuri, where things like the weight and balance are more consistent compared to our competitors. I would like to encourage people to try out our racquets and feel the difference.

Shunsuke Iki, Tennis Division, Technology Development Department

Yonex, one of the world’s largest tennis brands, sets itself apart by designing, developing, and manufacturing most of its products in Japan. It costs more, but it ensures consistent results, allowing them to turn out high-quality products that bring pride to the company. For the tennis player, this means a product you can trust.


Introducing the 7th Generation EZONE Line

As with previous generations, the EZONE 98 control-oriented stick combines spin-friendly targeting with raw speed. For this update, Yonex adds 2G NAMD SPEED to the shaft, resulting in a more powerful response with better ball feedback. Yonex has also retooled the beam construction, adding a thicker, more convex cross-section in the shaft (for stability) along with a thinner frame face (for a softer response). Ultimately, this racquet’s raw speed and scalpel-like targeting make it one of the most accessible player’s racquets on the market. The fact that it feels great at contact makes it hard to beat.

With several generations under its belt, the EZONE 100 continues its trajectory as one of the game’s most versatile and user-friendly player’s racquets. Offering a slightly more forgiving and powerful response than the EZONE 98, this racquet not only rewards fast swings with easy targeting, it also gives you that signature Yonex feel (think plush and precise). Ultimately, this update not only keeps a good thing going, but it also recaptures the great feel of past iterations. Intermediate and advanced players looking for a speedy and versatile player’s racquet should add this to their demo list.

Introducing the New 2023 VCORE Line

Built for the speed and spin of the modern power game, Yonex VCORE racquets are perfect for aggressive baseliners. With different weights and lengths, the VCORE line has something for every ability level. 

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