Used Tennis Racquets Sale! Calling all Bargain Hunters!

Used Tennis Racquets SALE!

Used Tennis Racquets Sale

In preparation for my move to the Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club, I went into my storage room, and guess what I found. Used tennis racquets! I’ve collected these relics over the years, and they’re still usable. Of course, the strings are totally dead, and the grips have turned into that black gunk that gets all over your hands! I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about.

Used Tennis Racquets - Prince
Used Tennis Racquets

These racquets are for sale, but I didn’t bother taking pictures of each racquet because it was too much work to clean them all at once. Instead, I’ll be happy to send you a picture of any racquet, cleaned of course, if you’re interested in buying one.

All used racquets will include a set of synthetic strings and (3) overgrips.

For all racquets, I’ll be happy to string it up for you for $20 more – just specify your string of choice and tension.

For Neighbor Islands

I can mail you the racquet if you agree to split the shipping cost with me.

Air O Scream MP3/81$25
Classic 110 – aluminum3/81$10 original strings
CTS Blast MP1/41$25
CTS Synergy 28 OS3/81$35
CTS Thunderstick 1101/81$35
EXO3 Black 1003/82$35 + 1 free
EXO3 Black 1001/22$35 + 1 free
EXO3 Hybrid 1041/41$20
EXO3 Hybrid 1043/81$20
EXO3 Hybrid Red 1023/81$35
EXO3 Rebel 983/82$35 + 1 free
EXO3 Rebel 98 Team3/82$45
EXO3 Red 105 – 1st generation3/81$35
EXO3 Red 105 – 2nd generation3/81$45
EXO3 Silver 1151/21$45
EXO3 Warrior 1003/81$25 + 1 free
Extender Pro Comp1/81$20
Graphite Lite XB MP3/81$25
Graphite MP 1003/82$40 + 1 free
Graphtech DB 1101/41$25
Hybrid Shark MP3/81$35
More Approach 1053/81$25
More Balance 1003/81$35
More Dominant 1203/81$35
O3 Hybrid Lite 1093/81$35
O3 Silver 1183/81$35
O3 Speedport Black Team 1003/81$25
Precision 690 95 LB3/81$25
Precision 720 LB1/21$25
Precision 730 97 LB3/81$25
Precision 770 LB3/82$35 + 1 free
Precision Approach Titanium MP1/41$35
Precision Response Titanium 973/81$25
Precision Spectrum 1071/41$25
Proform 1103/81$20
Shark DB MP3/81$45
Textreme Tour 953/83$25 / $50 for 3
Thunder Superlite Titanium OS3/82$35 + 1 free
Thunderbolt MP LB3/81$25
Thunderlite MP3/82$35 + 1 free
Thunderstick MP LB3/81$25
Thunderstrike Titanium OS3/81$35
Tour 100 ESP1/41$35
Tour 983/84$35 + 1 free
Tour Diablo 1003/81$45
Tour NXG 650 92 Graphite3/81$40
Tour NXG 720 100 Graphite3/81$40
Triple Threat Bandit 1101/41$35 + 1 free
Triple Threat Bandit 1103/81$35 + 1 free
Triple Threat Scream 1103/82$35 + 1 free
Triple Threat Vendetta MP 953/82$35 + 1 free
Triple Threat Vendetta MP 951/22$35 + 1 free
Babolat Pure Drive Team5/81$25
Wilson Ceramic 1101/21$25
Wilson Hammer 43/81$25
Wilson Profile Hammer 2.7 951/81$25
Wilson Sting 2 Largehead3/81$25
Yonex Cyborg 2200?1$25

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