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Albert Murata with Stringing Machine

Babolat RDC 

Babolat RDC

The Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center (RDC) is a top of the line diagnostic machine.  There are other machines that can measure the frame specifications like static weight and swingweight. With the RDC, I can not only diagnose the static weight and swingweight, but also the frame stiffness and string bed deflection.

String Bed Deflection 

If you ask to have your racquet strung at 50 pounds that is called the “reference tension.” The eventual tension after the racquet is strung is the “actual tension.” 

The actual tension will not necessarily match the reference tension due to the following factors.

  • Racquet headsize
  • String pattern
  • String type
  • Stringing machine
  • Stringer’s technique

When I measure the string bed deflection on the RDC, it presses down on the string bed at a calibrated amount of pressure, then displays the measurement as the strings push up against it. I record this measurement in my customer database to compare against future restringing, guaranteeing consistent results.

  • If you need more power/depth, a lower tension will cause the string bed to deflect more (and the ball less), returning more energy to the ball. 
  • If you need more control, a higher tension will cause the string bed to deflect less (and the ball more), returning less energy to the ball.
  • If you need more comfort, a lower tension will reduce the amount of string vibration transmitted to the hand, arm, and shoulder.

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