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AM Stringing Expands its Borders — Serving all Hawaiian Islands

Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club - AM Stringing Pro Shop - Tennis Services and Sales
Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club — AM Stringing Pro Shop

After 35 years of servicing the Oahu tennis community, AM Stringing expands its borders, bringing tennis services and sales to Kailua-Kona. You can find me at the AM Stringing Pro Shop located at the Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club.

Currently, AM Stringing is the only authorized Prince dealer in Hawaii and will continue to offer quality products at Kama’aina prices. Whether you live on Oahu or Big Island, our prices are competitive with the internet.

And now, AM Stringing adds the Yonex brand to its Prince lineup. We commit to bringing you the latest gear and accessories from this Japanese company known for its outstanding craftsmanship and quality control.

Racquets — Tennis Services and Sales — Kailua-Kona

The Custom Demo Experience

Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club — AM Stringing Pro Shop — Racquet Display

Have you found yourself in one of these situations?

  • You’re becoming more serious about tennis and thinking about buying your first “real” quality racquet?
  • You want to replace an outdated racquet you’ve played with for years.
  • You’re wondering if there’s a better racquet suited for your game?

The list can go on, but whatever the reason, I can steer you in the right direction!

Step 1:  Set up a complimentary consultation.

Step 2:  I’ll choose a racquet or two for you to test drive after determining your unique needs.

Step 3:  I’ll custom string and grip the racquet(s) as closely as possible to suit your needs based on our consultation. I want you to experience what the racquet has to offer and not leave anything to chance!

Step 4:  Take your customized demo racquet(s) out for a test drive!

I provide the custom demo experience in person or via mail for all Hawaiian Islands! I’ll mail the demo and pay for shipping.

You play with it for a week and pay for the shipping to send it back to me. More details here!

For more information on how to select and demo a racquet, check out this YouTube video:

Strings — The Engine that Drives the Racquet

Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club — AM Stringing Pro Shop — String Display (Albert Murata at stringing machine)

Your unique needs determine the perfect strings for you. Maybe you want your string color to match your racquet. Or perhaps you’re a determined competitor and need to find the right string setup and tension to optimize comfort and performance.

Whatever your needs, AM Stringing tennis services and sales can help you navigate the sea of strings on the market and figure out the tension that will help achieve your goals, whether it’s more power, better control, or greater spin potential.

But that’s not all! I thoroughly clean and diagnose every racquet before and after stringing, label it with your unique specifications, then record it in my customer database to guarantee consistent results every time you restring.

Turnaround time in Kona is 24 hours. Or, if you’d like to wait while I string, I’ll be happy to set up an appointment in advance.

Mail-in stringing service turnaround time is 3-4 days from when you mail your racquet to me. More details here.

Frame Matching & Customization — Going Beyond the Stock Frame

Babolat RDC - Tennis Services and Sales
Babolat RDC

Do you have two or more racquets, the same model and frame, but you favor one of them over the others?

Are you a committed player, like your old racquet, know it’s time for a new one but can’t find a comparable replacement?

If this sounds like you, come on by, and we’ll talk about frame matching & customization.

Grip & Grommets — The Finishing Touches

Whether you want to increase or decrease your current grip size, there’s more than one way to achieve it. I can help you decide which method is best for you.

Did you know the trend for grip size in today’s modern game is smaller than what it used to be?

I’ll be happy to measure your hand to determine your ideal grip size for faster racquet head speed on your strokes.

I’ve also created a custom overgrip wrap. I’ll custom wrap your grip so you can use an overgrip and still maintain the grip’s original size.  

And finally, please don’t wait until it’s too late! Replace your bumper guard to eliminate damage to your frame. If I don’t have your racquet grommets/bumper set in stock, I can order it for you.

Shoes, Clothing & Accessories — Tennis Services and Sales — Kailua-Kona

Tennis Shoes — Essential Component of Your Tennis Gear

Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club — AM Stringing Pro Shop — Shoe Display

Tennis, just like any sport, requires specific physical movements on a unique playing surface. It’s critical to consider distinct aspects like these and choose a shoe that delivers exceptional performance.

  • Traction
  • Running
  • Quick stops and starts
  • Lateral movement
  • Lunges

You wouldn’t go bowling or golfing without the right shoes, and tennis is no exception. Prince designs its tennis shoes with the support and cushioning you need to play your best tennis and minimize the risk of injury.

Some of you are already familiar with the Prince T-22 shoes. It was the best-selling shoe in tennis specialty shops about a decade ago! Its popularity declined as local shops stopped carrying them, and they were only available on the internet.

I have good news—they’re back! And you can see them in person at the AM Stringing pro shop located at the Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club.

From Kauai to Kona, if you’re a loyal fan of the T-22 shoes and know your size, I’ll order a pair for you and split the shipping cost (about $5) to send them to you! Go to Tennis Warehouse to check availability on models, colors, and sizes. Then let me know what you want and leave it to me.

All Hawaii Residents Get Kama’aina Prices by Supporting LOCAL!

One-Stop Shop for ALL Things Tennis Services and Sales


If my shop doesn’t carry your particular racquet model or shoe, contact me, and I’ll check to see if I can save you the cost of shipping. Check out products at Fromuth.

I typically place my orders on Sunday, and the shipments come in by Wednesday. If you live off-island, you’ll get your stuff by Thursday!

Stop by Your Local Tennis Services & Sales Pro Shop!

So, what are you waiting for? Stop by for a visit! If you can’t stop by, give me a call and explore our mail service options. If you’re anywhere in Hawaii, I’ve got you covered!

I’m looking forward to meeting all your tennis services and sales needs right here in Kailua-Kona.

Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club - AM Stringing Pro Shop

Visit us at:

75-5852 Alii Drive, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740


(808) 554-3878

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