Racquet Stringing – Upgrading Your Tension Calibrator

Tension calibrator - upgraded

Upgrading Your Tension Calibrator

Some say, “a racquet stringer can only be as good as his stringing machine.” That’s partly true, but the other part should say, “a stringing machine can also only be as good as its calibration.” Upgrading your tension calibrator goes a long way toward keeping your stringing machine in top form!

You can use this tip to upgrade your tension calibrator, making it perform better and last longer. 

Items Needed

  • (2) Pieces of Kevlar strings – each about 18” in length
  • (2) Pieces of nylon tubing – each about 1.5” in length

Connecting the String to the Calibrator – Tying the First Two Knots

Use the tubing to protect the Kevlar string by installing it as pictured below. Tie a knot to secure it in place.

Upgrading your tension calibrator - connecting the string

Position the Tension Head in the Optimum Position

In the Consistent Tensioning Stringing Tip, I explain the optimum tension head position on a lockout machine.

Upgrading your tension calibrator - position the tension head

Tying the Last Two Knots – String Clamps & Tension Head

Step 1

Adjust your turntable and clamps in the position that you usually use to perform tension calibration. I would recommend using both string clamps to secure it in place safely.

Upgrading your tension calibrator - Tying the last 2 knots - step 1

Step 2

Mark and tie your knots at the two locations indicated by the yellow arrows above. 

  1. You’ll notice the knot on the left is tied, leaving just enough space for the two string clamps to fit between the first knot you tied and this second knot. This will help with securing it in place and ensure consistent positioning of the string clamps. 
  2. You’ll notice I tied the knot on the right at the back end of the tension head jaws. This will ensure a consistent starting position when tensioning the calibrator. 

Two Other Examples

Eagnes 800 Hawk
Eagnes 800 Hawk
Prince 7000 w/ Digital Scale
Prince 7000 w/ Digital Scale

Your Stringing Machine’s Best Friend

Your tension calibrator is your stringing machine’s best friend. Calibration is recommended every 25 string jobs or anytime you transport your machine.

In short, taking the time to calibrate ensures proper care of your stringing machine. Want to be sure the calibration goes smoothly? Upgrading your tension calibrator will help.

After calibrating your stringing machine, the rest is up to you!  

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