Prince P7000 Stringing Machine Review

Review on Prince P7000 — Albert Murata, AM Stringing

Time to Review the Prince P7000!

Looking for a review on the Prince P7000? I’ve been using mine for the past five years, and I’ve got a lot to say about it!

After using my Babolat Star 4 for 20 years, I decided five years ago that it was time to upgrade. I would have kept my “old faithful” Star 4 – it was a workhorse! But I felt there was one missing feature that I needed for stringing at professional tournaments.

In my search for a stringing machine upgrade, I was naturally looking for another Babolat machine. However, I was fortunate enough to take a test drive on the latest P7000 stringing machine at the Prince Innovation Center.

I was truly impressed from the get-go!

Now, after owning my P7000 for five years, the “honeymoon” period — starting with that initial test drive — continues.

Prince P7000: Pros & Cons


  • 6-point mounting model recommended
  • Easy to use manual height adjustment with a foldable/removable crank
  • Ergonomic tool tray
  • Drawer storage space
  • Aluminum tapered awl holes
  • Travel tool case with all the tools you need (parallel jaw pliers not included)
  • Easy access to tension calibration
  • Simple display screen of machine functions
  • Automatic electronic mounting table brake
  • Quiet tension head operation
  • String clamps — gravity-activated or push-button release
  • Cool-looking LED lighted stand


  • No reference points on the mounting table plate to help adjust the mounting towers
  • Pre-stretch function only goes up to 10%. It would be nice if it could go up to 20%.


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