Racquet Customization – Grip Sizer

What do you use to measure the grip size of a racquet?

I’m guessing most of you a sewing measuring tape. That’s what I used until I got a simple measuring device from the USRSA about 20 years ago.

The numbers were wearing off, so I decided to make one for myself. In the process, I made some improvements and wanted to share my redesigned prototype model called the Grip Sizer!

Features of the Grip Sizer

  • Just wrap it tightly around the grip and measure.
  • I made it with vellum paper, which works well since it is translucent, thin,  and stronger than paper.
  • It can measure sizes 3-0/8 to 6-0/8.
  • It’s only about 8” inches in length, so you won’t need to use a roll of sewing measuring tape.
Measurement: 4-1/2 (#4)

Do you want your own Grip Sizer?

I’ll be happy to make one for you! Just shoot me an email at amstringing@gmail.com and tell me where to mail it!

No charge . . . just a small token for thanking you for subscribing to my AM Stringing newsletter/YouTube channel.   

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