Racquet Customization – Custom Overgrip Wrap

Here’s a versatile overgrip wrapping technique. If you’re interested in the following benefits, this tip may be for you!


  • Save money
  • Decrease your grip size
  • Improve your grip maintenance
  • Ensure proper grip sizing for young players
  • Maintain your original grip size while using your favorite overgrip

I first started using this technique when I noticed my junior players were using grips that were too big for their hands. So, instead of shaving down their grip, I took off the replacement grip and used two overgrips to reduce the grip by one size.

My method has evolved over the years by trial and error. Here’s how I do it.

5 Steps for Applying the First Layer of Your Custom Overgrip Wrap

Step 1:

Apply ½” double stick tape to the butt cap. The 1/2″ tape allows you to wrap it to the shape of the butt cap. Notice the tapered cut ends.

Applying the 1/2″ double stick tape 

Step 2:

Apply 1” double stick tape to the back of an overgrip. The 1″ tape covers the entire width of the overgrip, which keeps the edges flush and secure. I prefer an overgrip on the thicker side to provide some cushioning. Cut the end of the tape to match the tapered end of the overgrip.

Step 3:

Hold the overgrip down with your elbow as you keep it straight, applying slight tension with your other hand. Work your way down the grip, about 6” at a time.

Applying the 1″ double stick tape

Step 4:

Start wrapping the overgrip flush to the butt cap, avoiding overlap. The goal is to maintain a flat wrap with no overlaps.

Keeping the overgrip edges flush
1st Layer

Step 5:

Here’s an interesting tool. It’s called an Audio Sound Deadening Application Rolling Wheel Roller. You can get it from Amazon here for $10:

Audio Sound Deadening Application Rolling Wheel Roller

Flatten down the overgrip using this roller tool.

Roller tool
Using the roller tool

Two Options for the Second Layer

  • If your goal is to decrease your grip by one size, wrap the second layer with your favorite overgrip.
  • If your goal is to maintain your original grip size, proceed with steps #1-5 above. On step #4, start by wrapping the overgrip on the opposite side of the butt cap from your first layer. This process will even out the layering of the two overgrips.

Once the second layer is applied, proceed by wrapping the third layer with your favorite overgrip.

Proper Measurement of Grip Size

All players need to have the correct grip size. For more information, refer to this article.

Measuring For Proper Grip Size

In most cases, it’s okay to use a grip size that’s slightly smaller than your measured size. This can help produce higher racquet head speed. However, if your grip is twisting in your hand, your grip size might be too small.

As I mentioned, you can use this method to decrease the grip by one size. You’ll have a little less padding, but this could help ensure proper grip sizing for young players.

Improve Your Grip Maintenance and Save Money

If you like the feel of an overgrip, using this Custom Overgrip Wrap will allow you to maintain your grip more often without changing your replacement grip and save you money.

To get a good visual of this procedure, check out the video below!

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