Racquet Stringing Stories & Tips

I know that some of you string racquets, so I thought you might be interested in racquet stringing tips and techniques I’ve learned in my 40+ years of stringing. I also plan to cover other aspects of racquet customization and some fun racquet facts.

So, whether you’re a stringer, avid player, or tennis geek, I hope you find the videos and articles interesting and educational.

During in-person stringing lessons, I teach some of these tips and techniques:

Stringing Basics 101 and Stringing Certification Training

I also publish articles on the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians website. As a proud IART Global Ambassador, I’m committed to the organization’s expansion and growth. If you’d like to learn more about IART, click HERE.

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Racquet Stringing Stories & Tips Library

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