Tennis Racquet Services

Custom Overgrip Wrap 

Get a grip!

Do you like to use an overgrip over your original grip?

Good news! I’ve created a technique where I’ll custom wrap your grip and still maintain the original grip size. This allows you to replace the overgrip grip when it starts getting grungy, at a fraction of the cost of a replacement grip. 

Increase Grip Size 

Is your racquet twisting in your hand? 

You may have a grip that is significantly too small for your hand.  I’ll be happy to measure your hand for the proper grip size. If your grip is too small, I can increase it by a full or half size.

Decrease Grip Size 

Need more racquet head speed?

Racquet head speed can be increased by decreasing grip size. Again, I’ll be happy to measure your hand to determine the ideal grip size to facilitate faster racquet head speed.

Additionally, if you have a racquet that has a larger grip size than you normally like to use, I can decrease it by a full size or more.

Grommet/Bumper Guard Replacement 

Eliminate damage to your frame before it’s too late!

Once you wear through the bumper guard, you will eventually wear down the frame, shortening the racquet’s life.  Head tape will work as a band-aid approach to slow this process down, but replacing the bumper guard is the best cure.