Stringing Lessons & Certification

Albert Murata - Top Tennis Racquet Stringer in Hawaii

Do it Yourself Stringing

Since 1988, I have taught privately and conducted workshops on racquet stringing.  Students have ranged from ages 14 to 69.  Most of my stringing students have been parents of tournament junior players who break strings frequently.  Besides the convenience of having a racquet as soon as they need it, this also saves them money, eventually paying off the cost of the stringing machine.

With the numerous YouTube videos available these days, anyone can learn to string.  However, I haven’t found any videos that I would recommend.  In fact, there are some I would not recommend.

Advantages of a Private Lesson

  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Develop proper techniques
  • Obtain valuable tips
  • Be proficient from the start

Before you consider taking a lesson, it’s important to purchase a stringing machine.  You want to be able to hit the ground running, practicing what you’ve learned right after the lesson.  

Free consultation: We’ll talk about your unique situation so that I can help you determine the best stringing machine to fit your needs.    

Stringing Basics 101 — $100

  • 2-hour lesson at your home on your machine
  • Tools & supplies
  • Machine maintenance & calibration
  • Frame preparation
  • String installation & tips
  • Includes consultation after the lesson

Stringing Certification Training — $50/hour

  • Geared for certification testing
  • Special tools & supplies
  • Grommet installation
  • Grip installation & resizing
  • String installation & tips
  • Frame customization

Stringing Certification Testing

The USRSA Certification Program Levels of Certification

  • Certified Stringer (CS) – Recognizes stringers with a basic level of stringing competence. 
  • Master Racquet Technician (MRT) – Recognizes technicians who:
    • Pass the CS certification exam
    • Demonstrate understanding of current frame and string technologies and how those technologies translate to player satisfaction
    • Are able to customize a racquet to better meet the needs of the player

Certification by the USRSA, whether as a Certified Stringer or as a Master Racquet Technician, involves a comprehensive written exam and detailed practical exams.

Skills Measured with Respect to all Facets of Racquet Stringing

  • Set a standard of excellence in racquet service and product knowledge
  • Encourage and promote professionalism in the racquet sports industry
  • Instill consumer confidence in racquet stringers and technicians
  • Expand the availability of expert racquet stringers and technicians
  • Endorse the competence of qualified racquet stringers and technicians

Application Process

  • Apply online
  • When your application has been approved, USRSA will notify me
  • I’ll contact you to schedule a test date 

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