Serve Bucket Challenge

Albert Murata Holding Two Prince Buckets

This past summer, I designed a tennis serve drill lesson for an online summer camp and thought I would share this with you!

This may SERVE as a quick tip to help improve your technique and a fun challenge for you to try.

Back story . . . 

When I filmed this video, I was happy (relieved) that I got both attempts on my first try . . . it’s not as easy as it looks! 

I knew it could potentially involve several attempts before achieving a perfectly seamless video, because when I filmed the online lesson for my students, I wasn’t able to accomplish the second level on my first try!

After making two in a row on the first level, I proceeded to the second level, but kept missing over and over. I decided to cut the video, then came back to finish the second level in 5 tries.

Lesson learned . . . 

I told my students that even I had a hard time tossing the balls in the bucket perfectly . . . even though I was the one who created the drill! 

However, I believe that through the process of trying over and over, this drill will “trick” them into learning a new skill without realizing it.

Check it out . . . please like, share, or comment how many times it took YOU to master the Serve Bucket Challenge!

Good Luck!!! 

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