Summer Camp 2020 — With a Unique Twist

COVID-19 Has Caused Chaos & Frustration

Closing Schools

Canceling Traditional Summer Programs

What Happens to Your Children

When They Lose This Structure?

One Visionary is Tackling This Problem Head-On

Providing SAFE, Interactive, Engaging Structure and FUN for Your Child

And Peace of Mind for YOU!

Online Summer Camp with Pete

Empowers Parents


Let us Provide Structure

and Learning this Summer!

Children need structure, schedules, and routines. It provides a sense of security and stability, which is even more critical in these scary, uncertain times.

Online Summer Camp with Pete will provide your children with the structure they need. It will help them feel secure in this stressful COVID-19 world.

Our expert teachers, instructors, and coaches share fun, engaging activities with your children . . . SAFELY . . . in a COVID-19-free space — online.

These creative activities keep your children’s brains open to learning . . . open to new experiences . . . helping them “keep their head in the game.”

Your children will come away from this experience with more confidence. High levels of self-esteem will help them transition back to school with an open mind. And they will be ready for learning.

Your children will thank you. . .your children’s teachers will thank you . . . and YOU will breathe a sigh of RELIEF. You will KNOW you’ve done everything you can to nurture your child through these troubling times.

You will KNOW that YOU made a life-changing decision for your child. That this experience is something special they can hang onto when they think back on these times.

The “New Normal” does not have to result in anxiety-ridden children . . . learning loss . . . behavior problems . . . and rough transitions back to schools once they re-open.

Looking back on this troubling period in history, they’ll know that you handed them a lifeline . . . something that made this stressful time more bearable.

Don’t Let Your Children Languish this Summer!

As much as you might think your children will be happy to find ways to entertain themselves this summer . . .

As much as they might think the same thing . . .

It can have detrimental effects in a variety of ways.

Research has shown, for instance, that children lose up to a month of learning during summer break. And that loss is cumulative — exponentially increasing over the years.[1]

This means that children have to spend valuable time reviewing material at the beginning of the school year . . . material they already learned in previous years.

And the older your child, the more learning they lose. And not only due to the cumulative effect.  

Children learn more complex material as they get older. If they don’t practice and build on that knowledge, they tend to lose more of it.

So, it’s essential to provide an engaging schedule of activities when school is not in session.

It will give your children the structure they need for security. And it will also keep them thinking, learning, and experiencing new adventures.

As they learn new skills in a fun, creative, engaging environment, their brains remain open. This experience builds flexibility and keeps them sharp . . . ready for school once they head back to the classroom.

When a student returns to school in this frame of mind, the transition goes smoother. It’s possible this could also speed up the process of reviewing past material.

If this is all making sense to you, but you’re not quite sure what to do about it. Don’t worry. You don’t have to figure all this out on your own!

[1] The Effects of Summer Vacation on Achievement Test Scores: A Narrative and Meta-Analytic Review

Let Me Introduce Myself

You don’t know me yet, so let me introduce myself. I’m Heather, your Camp Liaison for the summer. 

I have a BA in Psychology. And I concentrated on early childhood and adolescent development. 

I run a creative arts enrichment preschool program. And I’ve worked in various education capacities over the years, including special education—Autism spectrum.

I’m also a mom who homeschooled!

Pete brought me on board as the Camp Liaison to provide a resource for parents.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you as much information as possible to help you decide if Online Summer Camp with Pete is a good option for your family this summer.

Let’s start off with some important benefits of online video instruction!

Benefits of Online Video Instruction

A “Short List”


All this translates to building your children’s confidence and self-esteem. Practice makes perfect. They can run the videos over and over as many times as they like!

In art class, they can draw a dog over and over, watching the instructor show them how to do it again and again. This practice allows them to see their progress in real-time.

And not over days and days — it could happen in an hour or so if they want to keep at it.

You can help them create the ideal learning environment for their learning style. Is your child an active learner? Do they like hands-on, physical learning . . . move around a lot, like to stand?

Do they need a quiet space? Are they shy about learning new things in front of others? They might be happier doing their classes in their room, or outside under a tree.

Option to Send Videos to Instructor

For Individual Feedback

One-on-one feedback can be difficult in traditional classrooms. There are too many children and limited time.

In our program, if your child WANTS that kind of attention and feedback, all he has to do is send his instructor a video. Ask his questions . . . show his technique.

His instructor will reply by video, providing feedback, extra tips, whatever your child needs to enhance his learning experience.

Again, this is optional, but it’s a great way to boost a child’s confidence in his progress! And he’s practicing digital literacy skills in the process.

How can you get all of these benefits? I’m going to get to that soon.

But first, let me share with you some of what your child will learn when you enroll him in Online Summer Camp with Pete.

Course Descriptions

Tennis — Teaching the ART of tennis! From day 1, your child will start learning solid fundamentals. She’ll learn proper grips, footwork patterns, and stroke technique. She’ll be looking like a pro in no time!

Basketball — Your young basketball player idealizes the pros. He wants to emulate them. We’ll teach him dribbling skills, shooting skills, and defensive skills . . . and help him feel like a pro on the court!

Soccer — Your child doesn’t need a field to be a soccer wiz. This summer, your child will learn all the right moves. Our soccer coaches will teach your child how to control the soccer ball like it’s on a string. She’ll learn ball-handling skills and improve shooting technique. All that . . . and get soccer fit!

Hip Hop Dance — Your child loves to dance? We’ll teach the latest and greatest modern dance moves. Your child’s instructor provides simple, step-by-step tutorials. Dancers are fit and supple. Give your child a “physical fitness routine” that will keep him coming back for more!

Ballet — Want a more traditional dance class? Start your child on the fundamentals of ballet. Our instructor guides your child through proper warm-ups and positions. Before you know it, your child will be performing basic dance routines.

Guitar — Coach Q is going to start the kids on ukulele before transitioning to the guitar. He will teach your child basic chord shapes and strumming patterns. In no time, she’ll be playing simple songs!

Art — Give your child the chance to discover a passion for art with coach Sierra. Sierra will show your child how to draw some of his favorite things. Step-by-step, she’ll demonstrate how to draw a dog, a bunny, fruit . . . and more.

Cooking — Your child CAN learn to make simple, fun, delicious, and safe meals and desserts. These activities are safe enough for your child to do by himself. But they could also be fun activities the entire family can do together!

Mathlete — Fun, creative math challenges each day to sharpen your child’s skills. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and basic equations.

Fitkids — Building a healthy body for life is so important! Let us teach your children how to warm up, work out, and cool down properly. You’ll see their confidence grow by the end of each session!

Karate — Yes, we can even teach karate online. And it’s NOT all about fighting! Karate is an art form, and learning self-defense builds confidence and self-esteem. Your child will learn proper stance, blocking, kicking, and punching techniques. She’ll improve athleticism and flexibility. Builds discipline and self-confidence!

Mindset — The crowning jewel of the program! We help your child start building the mindset of a champion right now. How does your child think about himself and the world? This mindset is a huge factor in determining long-term success. He will take part in daily lessons and listen to stories . . . mind-altering stories about how successful people view the world around them.

Online Summer Camp with Pete:

The biggest outcome? Keeping your child’s “head in the game,” so they can return to school with confidence and an open, flexible mind, ready for learning!

How can you provide these benefits for your children?

Before I get to that, I think it’s important to share a story and introduce you to the man who has made all of this possible.

Peter Freeman, the Visionary Behind

Online Summer Camp with Pete

Peter Freeman, the founder of Crunch Time Coaching, is a USPTA Elite Professional. He has a massive following in his online tennis instruction program and just completed a 30-day tennis challenge for his followers to help them stay in shape during the COVID-19 sheltering-in-place.

He donated a portion of the proceeds to the United Way’s Response & Recovery Fund. This fund is helping families and individuals who are experiencing financial hardship to access crucial information and services — shelter, food, and more.

His online tennis challenge inspired another USPTA teaching professional to create tennis lesson videos for his young students. When he shared some of these videos with Peter, the wheels in this visionary’s mind started turning . . .

Kids Need This!

They need caring coaches, teachers, and instructors in their lives. They need structured activities to help them get through this trying period in their lives.

With school closures and summer school cancelations, Pete realized that opportunities were dwindling fast for most children.

So, he reached out to his network, seeking coaches, teachers, and other professionals who would be willing to share their knowledge and skills this summer with our children.

Creative teaching professionals and coaches rallied to the cause, and Online Summer Camp with Pete was born!

Peter is not only a man of vision; he has a heart of gold, and, thankfully, he has the resources to make this opportunity available to your children.

How can your children take advantage of this timely opportunity?

I promise I’ll get to that soon.

But first, I’d like to share with you some comments from some of the people who know Peter well . . . his clients at Crunch Time Coaching.

In response to the COVID-19 30-Day Challenge:

Every one of those comments were from adults!

Now, if adults needed this type of challenge to help them get through the severe emotional turmoil that we’re all experiencing right now . . .

Imagine how your children are holding up!

Your children NEED this type of structure right now to help them feel secure. They NEED a fun, engaging, learning experience that will build their confidence and self-esteem.

We Can’t Let COVID-19 Win the Battle for our Children’s Happiness this Summer!

So, here’s how we’re going to stop that from happening.

Any parent who has looked into summer camps knows that the cost can range in the thousands. Day camps charge from $100 to $1300 or more per week, per child.

But, because our summer camp is online, we don’t have the overhead that traditional camps have.

We pass on these savings to you, making Online Summer Camp with Pete extremely affordable.

You can choose courses a-la-carte or take advantage of the whole package.

You can join us for a week, two weeks, the whole summer . . . whatever fits your family’s plans.

And if that isn’t enough . . . it doesn’t matter how many children you have in your family . . . all course tuitions are “per family,” not “per child!”

Does your daughter want to learn ballet? $35/week

Do your younger son and daughter want to learn guitar? $35/week

Now, if you want to let your children take part in every course . . . that would add up to $420/week! What?

That’s not acceptable to us.

Our Mission is to Make Summer Camp Available to Every Family

So, we’re going to give you access to EVERY course for a mere $149/week for the ENTIRE family!

That's a $271 Savings!

Want to join us for the whole summer? That would be eight weeks. Your cost? $999 for the ENTIRE family.

A Savings of Almost $200!

Guess what! We don’t stop there!

We're Giving Away 3 FREE DAYS

May 27th, 28th, and 29th

If you enroll for the free three-day trial, we’ll offer you the


Early Bird Special


for the rest of the summer classes.


This early bird special is a deep discount! But it’s a closely-guarded secret. You’ll find out as soon as you sign up for the free trial!

So, enroll for the three free days now, while this offer is still on the table.

Find out just how far we’re willing to go to make this the best summer camp experience ever . . . one your children will remember for a long, long time to come!

You have nothing to lose!

You get three free days. An easy choice!

Let’s Recap

  • Choose Courses a-la-carte

    $35 per course / per family — no matter how many children you have

  • Choose All 12 Courses

    Only $149 per week — for your entire family ——— That’s a $271 savings!

  • Join us Per Week or For the Entire Summer

    Full summer tuition $999 ——— For your ENTIRE family! ——— That's a Savings of Almost $200!

And Did I Mention? 100% Money-back Guarantee

If at any point you decide this camp is not everything we promised, we’ll refund your tuition . . . prorated for any unused classes . . . no questions asked.

We’re just happy you gave us a try.

So, sign up your children for the free trial period. Check out the deep, deep early bird discount. If you decide to take advantage of that, you already know you have our 100% guarantee.

You have nothing to lose, and your children have everything to gain.

Give them a summer they’ll remember for all time . . . a summer full of activities that bring joy and smiles . . . learning and fun . . . confidence, and self-esteem.

Children have one job and one job only . . . to learn through creative play. Given the right opportunities, they do this job very well.

Don’t Let COVID-19 Put Your Children on the Unemployment Line This Summer!

Enroll your children for three free days.

Sign up for the early bird special — a deeply discounted tuition that we’ll disclose to you as soon as you enroll for the free three-day trial.

And let Online Summer Camp with Pete provide your children with the structure they need to overcome the challenges of a COVID-19 world.

Take Advantage of 3 FREE Days of Online Summer Camp

We won't even ask for your credit card!  

As soon as you enroll, you'll see the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL discount offer. This is a limited time offer. 

Don't delay! Enroll for your 3 Free Days NOW!


When you get to the landing page, you'll meet Pete! When you're done reviewing the information there, just click on the "Get Free Access Now" button and fill out the form. We do NOT ask for payment information. ——— See you at Camp!