My Story

The Evolution of AM Stringing

My tennis life for the past 45+ years—playing, stringing, teaching, and retailing—has positively impacted every aspect of my tennis business. As a customer, you expect my experience to positively impact your tennis life.

I see each time you visit me as a chance to build a relationship. I’m a shopper too, and I know what kind of experience I would want to have. I’m dedicated to delivering that experience for you!

My tennis life + my tennis business = your positive tennis life.

Playing . . .

. . . since age 14, I’ve been hooked on tennis and still enjoy competing to this day.

On my journey, I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of players on and off the court. Tennis in Hawaii is a small, close-knit community, and I appreciate the friendships I’ve developed along the way.

Albert Murata Playing at Nationals
Racquet Stringing at Challenger Pro Tournament

Stringing . . .

. . . is like therapy for me. From junior players to recreational players, league players to touring professionals, I strive to exceed your expectations.

I treat every tennis racquet that I string with respect. That racquet takes a part of me onto the court with you, and I want to be one of the best partners on your team.

Teaching . . .

. . . tennis never gets old. In fact, there’s always something new to learn as the game evolves.

Today’s generation of tennis players hit a lot differently from how I learned the game. As a student of tennis, I’m always excited to see my students enjoying the game that I’m deeply passionate about.

Teaching Coaching my JTT Team at Nationals
Tennis Retailing - Demo Day

Retailing . . .

. . .is fun! I enthusiastically embrace innovation. Specializing in the Prince brand since 1985, I see my retail shop as a toy store. And I’m like a kid at Christmas every time I open a box of new products!

I’ve been a loyal Prince tennis racquet user since the first Prince Classic was introduced in 1977. It’s incredible how many people used to play with a Prince racquet back when it was highly popular.

I’d be happy to fit you with the right Prince racquet for your game . . . but if that’s not for you, don’t worry. I can string any brand racquet on this planet!

Commitment to Quality

Most importantly is Albert’s commitment to providing professional tennis services with individualized attention to detail, integrity, and precision. His quality work is evident in everything that he creates to better the game for you.
Betsy P.
Former WTA Professional & Coach