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AM Stringing is dedicated to bringing you the latest Prince tennis gear and accessories. So, visit this page regularly for the most recent Prince tennis products! Tennis racquets, shoes, bags, and more!

If you’re looking for a Prince rep in Hawaii, you won’t find one. Prince reps — everywhere — are a thing of the past. But I’d like to earn your trust as your go-to Prince dealer in Hawaii.

My Background with Prince

I’ve been an integral part of the Hawaii tennis community since 1985. I’m passionate about Prince products — I’ve been a loyal user and fan of the brand since 1977. Back in that time, Prince was the underdog…and I was drawn to that. 

I didn’t want to follow the crowd. I was a teenager! I wanted to be unique! But, over the years, Prince became more to me than just an icon of teen individuality. Prince proved itself to me in performance, style, and comfort.

Latest Prince Tennis Gear: Performance, Comfort, Style

On the tennis court, you want to feel like you own the court. You want to know that you’re stepping onto that court prepared, and confident. 

I can’t think of a better path to preparedness and confidence. Knowing that your gear has improved your performance and enhanced comfort…

…and style…well, who doesn’t like to look good on the court!?

Prince Brand Awareness & Mission

Prince gained popularity in the ’90s…then faded into the background once again.

So, it’s come full circle! I’m middle-aged, and Prince, once again, is the underdog! 

The Prince brand distribution model has undergone significant changes over the years. But the core brand operations, such as product development, has remained the same. 

The VP of Brand & Marketing for Prince Tennis, put it into perspective when he said, “Our goal from the beginning has always been to help people play better tennis. That’s why we’ve put such an incredible amount of focus on innovation and game improvement. After all, if you play better, we know you’ll play longer, and that’s our reason to exist as a brand.”

Prince earned my loyalty and trust. I want to earn yours.

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Latest Prince Tennis Gear


Introducing the 2022 Prince ATS Tour Line – The Prince Tour series is distinctive for its controllable power and outstanding feel. For 2022 Prince adds ATS technology which uses TexTreme and Twaron to create a more comfortable and stable feel through impact. These racquets also feature more flexible beams than their competitors.


Pack this Prince Tour EVO Backpack up and head out to the courts prepared as it can hold all your essentials! With a specific spot for racquets, there is another main compartment for gear as well as a pocket on the bottom for shoes or dirty gear. Both sides of the backpack have a pocket for a water bottle or can of balls and you can store your smaller items in the accessory pockets throughout.

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PrinceGrip Plus Antibacterial Lotion

Prince brings back the original, top-rated grip-enhancing lotion! Launched in 1994, PrinceGrip Plus achieved global prominence as one of the best solutions to the inevitable control problems caused by sweaty hands and slippery grips. The secret to the effectiveness of this lotion lies in its proprietary formula, which utilizes a fast-drying liquid that deposits millions of sub-micron silica particles on your hands. As a result, your hands stay drier, and your racquet is less prone to slippage during ball contact.

In addition to keeping your hands dry for a more secure grip and better control, PrinceGrip Plus gives you anti-bacterial protection when initially applied to the skin. PrinceGrip Plus is ideal for those who want an extra layer of protection against germs and viruses.

Countless top ATP and WTA professionals have used PrinceGrip Plus since 1994. This time-tested product not only keeps your hands dry in the most humid conditions it also provides a barrier against cold weather and blisters.


New 2023 Venom Tennis Shoe line – Carrying on the stability and comfort that Prince is known for, the Venom infuses some modern technologies to withstand the forces of aggressive movement on the court.

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