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AM Stringing is dedicated to bringing you the latest Prince tennis gear and accessories. So, visit this page regularly for the most recent Prince tennis products! Tennis racquets, shoes, bags, and more!

If you’re looking for a Prince rep in Hawaii, you won’t find one. Prince reps — everywhere — are a thing of the past. But I’d like to earn your trust as your go-to Prince dealer in Hawaii.

My Background with Prince

I’ve been an integral part of the Hawaii tennis community since 1985. I’m passionate about Prince products — I’ve been a loyal user and fan of the brand since 1977. Back in that time, Prince was the underdog…and I was drawn to that. 

I didn’t want to follow the crowd. I was a teenager! I wanted to be unique! But, over the years, Prince became more to me than just an icon of teen individuality. Prince proved itself to me in performance, style, and comfort.

Latest Prince Tennis Gear: Performance, Comfort, Style

On the tennis court, you want to feel like you own the court. You want to know that you’re stepping onto that court prepared, and confident. 

I can’t think of a better path to preparedness and confidence. Knowing that your gear has improved your performance and enhanced comfort…

…and style…well, who doesn’t like to look good on the court!?

Prince Brand Awareness & Mission

Prince gained popularity in the ’90s…then faded into the background once again.

So, it’s come full circle! I’m middle-aged, and Prince, once again, is the underdog! 

The Prince brand distribution model has undergone significant changes over the years. But the core brand operations, such as product development, has remained the same. 

The VP of Brand & Marketing for Prince Tennis, put it into perspective when he said, “Our goal from the beginning has always been to help people play better tennis. That’s why we’ve put such an incredible amount of focus on innovation and game improvement. After all, if you play better, we know you’ll play longer, and that’s our reason to exist as a brand.”

Prince earned my loyalty and trust. I want to earn yours.

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Latest Prince Tennis Gear

Did you watch the French Open women’s singles finals? If you never heard of Iga Swiatek, now you have! After winning the championship at Roland Garros, her ranking moved up from #54 to #17. At 19 years of age, she has a bright future ahead of her!  

Iga Swiatek playing with Prince tennis gear! Prince Tour 100
Iga Swiatek

I first noticed her bright red Prince Tour 9 Pack Bag on one of the changeovers, then I saw she was playing with the Prince Tour 100!

I assumed it was the 310-gram version but found out it’s the 290 (10.2 ounces) version strung with Prince Tour XS 1.25+. Although WTA players often use lighter racquets than the ATP players, that’s definitely on the light side. In fact, typically, I would recommend that racquet weight for a young teenage junior player.

It’s not common to see pros sporting Prince racquets these days. Prince doesn’t endorse pros (John Isner might be the only one). I’m guessing that she’s at least receiving free products from Prince. Whatever the case, Prince is proud of players like Iga, who don’t need any extra convincing to use their products.

Latest Prince Tennis Gear

Introducing New Prince Racquets in February 2021 – Stay tuned!

  • Ripstick 100 (280)
  • Ripstick 100 (300)
  • Synergy 98


Now available! Prince Twistpower X100. A unique-looking racquet released first in the Japan market and recently brought over to the US.
Now available! Phantom 107G. An updated version of the Phantom w/a crossbar – 21-17mm CTS section.
Now available! Phantom 100G. An updated version of the Phantom 100P w/a crossbar.
Now available! Phantom 100G LB. An updated version of the Phantom 100P w/a crossbar and 28”


Latest Prince Tennis Gear: Footwear — tennis shoes
T22.5 SHOES – Available in mid-August. 


CAMO BAGS – Available now. Unique unisex army designer style.

Prince 6 Pack Tennis Bag – Camo
Prince Tennis Backpack – Camo
Prince Boston Tennis Duffle Bag – Camo

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