A Trip Down Memory Lane — Video Walk-through of Hawaii Tennis History Memorabilia

Hawaii Tennis Memorabilia History Video photo of Albert Murata in his tennis shop

Hawaii Tennis History Memorabilia and Relics

Want to join me for a walk down Memory Lane? Well, you’re in luck because YouTube channel, Tennis Ninja TV’s Shane Cashen, visited me this week. His goal? To film me while I share some of my experiences in tennis. In particular, the Hawaii tennis history memorabilia I’ve collected from various events over the years. 

In this video, featured on Tennis Ninja TV, I reveal some of the souvenirs I’ve collected since I started playing tennis in the mid-’70s. It’s these sentimental relics that inspire me to write about tennis history and past events in Hawaii! 

It goes without saying that Shane and I share a deep passion for the game of tennis. Consequently, we both enjoy presenting exciting content to promote the growth of tennis in Hawaii. 

So, of course, I agreed to collaborate on this video! As a rule, I geek out on talking story about my Hawaii tennis history memorabilia. All you have to do is ask!

For this reason, I’m sending a big “Mahalo!” and shoutout to Shane and Tennis Ninja TV!

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Albert Murata

You could find Director of Tennis for the Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club, Albert Murata, stringing racquets in the AM Stringing Pro Shop or Pro Circuit events, teaching on the courts, coaching a youth tennis team, or playing league tennis! He has a long history in the tennis community from Kona to Oahu.


  1. What an interesting trip down memory lane Albert. Our paths came close to crossing in 1995 (or maybe it was 1994). You mentioned stringing at the U.S. Open and I was also asked to do that event. If I recall, Babolat, for whatever reason, couldn’t (wouldn’t?) send its normal team of stringers so there was some scrambling going on to actually field a team of stringers. I received an invitation to join the team but it was a last-minute thing and I wasn’t able to get time off from my full-time job to go.

    You’ve obviously had some great experiences and are a bonified part of Hawaii’s tennis history. Congratulations on such a remarkable career!

    1. Wow, that would have interesting if we did cross paths back then! 1995 was the last year that Babolat had the contract for the stringing concession. Back then, we were setup in the Player’s Lounge and I enjoyed the experience of being part of the competition stringing team, which included Babolat’s Lucien Nogues. Thanks for your kind words.

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