A Trip Down Memory Lane — Video Walk-through of Hawaii Tennis History Memorabilia

Hawaii Tennis Memorabilia History Video photo of Albert Murata in his tennis shop

Hawaii Tennis History Memorabilia and Relics

Want to join me for a walk down Memory Lane? Well, you’re in luck because YouTube channel, Tennis Ninja TV’s Shane Cashen, visited me this week. His goal? To film me while I share some of my experiences in tennis. In particular, the Hawaii tennis history memorabilia I’ve collected from various events over the years. 

In this video, featured on Tennis Ninja TV, I reveal some of the souvenirs I’ve collected since I started playing tennis in the mid-’70s. It’s these sentimental relics that inspire me to write about tennis history and past events in Hawaii! 

It goes without saying that Shane and I share a deep passion for the game of tennis. Consequently, we both enjoy presenting exciting content to promote the growth of tennis in Hawaii. 

So, of course, I agreed to collaborate on this video! As a rule, I geek out on talking story about my Hawaii tennis history memorabilia. All you have to do is ask!

For this reason, I’m sending a big “Mahalo!” and shoutout to Shane and Tennis Ninja TV!

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