Groundstroke Tennis Training Aid — Innovative TopspinPro

TopspinPro — Innovative Groundstroke Tennis Training Aids

Groundstroke Tennis Training Aid — The History of the TopspinPro

About five years ago, I discovered the TopspinPro, one of the most innovative groundstroke tennis training aids I’ve seen in a long time. Since then, I’ve been using it every day on the courts.

But recently, because I couldn’t get on the courts during the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order, it was a life-saver. 

It kept me connected with my game while the courts were closed. And it allowed me to create unique video lessons for my students.

TopspinPro Prototypes

TopspinPro — Innovative Groundstroke Tennis Training Aids - Prototype made with hula hoop
TopspinPro Prototype 1

The TopspinPro started as an innovative tennis training aids idea by inventor, Phillip Hofmeyr in 2007. He eventually created the prototype with a hula hoop, coat hanger, tennis ball, and good old-fashioned duct tape. He envisioned teaching pros using this convenient training tool all over the globe.  

TopspinPro — Innovative Groundstroke Tennis Training Aids - Early model
TopspinPro Prototype 2

More prototypes followed, like this one forged out of metal. It more closely resembles the unit we know today, with a spring-loaded ball and racquet-path guide.

In 2013, the TopspinPro Mark I was born. And this is where I came onto the scene. I love innovation. And, as a teaching professional, I’m always on the lookout for new innovative tennis training aids.

Internet Search — Innovative Tennis Training Aids

So, I scour the internet from time to time, looking for teaching aids like TopspinPro. 

During one of my internet adventure tours, I stumbled upon an online tennis instructor’s website and watched him using the product. Fascinated, I remember I was impressed by its ingenious, functional design. 

TopspinPro — Innovative Groundstroke Tennis Training Aids - more recent model
TopspinPro Mark I

I’ve purchased my fair share of similar types of tennis training aids over the past 35 years as a teaching professional. But nothing that looked this good – I had to get one! After failing to find it on Amazon, I contacted the company in England. 

TopspinPro — Product Launch History

I was their first Hawaii customer, and they were happy to ship it out to me but noted that the shipping would be a little pricey. I was determined, though, because I had a feeling it would be well worth the investment.

In 2015, Kickstarter funding started a campaign for the TopspinPro. It launched on a street corner outside of Wimbledon. 147 backers pledged £13,896 (approximately $21,122) to help bring this project to life.

Andy Murray’s then-coach, Jonas Bjorkman, ordered two units, then Monica Niculescu shot a video with it and bought three. Soon after, the Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association endorsed the TopspinPro. And the rest is history!

Current Model TopspinPro — Innovative Groundstroke Tennis Training Aids
Topspin Pro – Current Model

I’ve been impressed by the company’s attention to detail since the first model I purchased. And I’m staying on top of their product improvements—improvements that have made the TopspinPro what it is today! 

Here’s my spin on why the TopspinPro is a great training aid.

  • The ball spins when you hit it properly, giving you immediate feedback.
  • The screens on the unit help shape the topspin stroke right from the beginning.
  • Portable…easy to break down and even comes with a drawstring bag.
  • Versatile…use the ball assembly in the tri-pod stand, or you can take it out and have someone hold it for you to work on other shots, even serves.

Improve Your Topspin — Demo this Groundstroke Tennis Training Aid

I still have my original unit (with all the upgrades), and I have a couple of newer models too! Even some of my students wanted their own TopspinPro to practice at home! I was thrilled to know they were hitting balls and practicing during the evolving April, May, June COVID-19 Stay-at-Home period!

If you’re interested in taking a test drive on a TopspinPro, I’d be happy to let you demo mine. You can also visit their website and check it out.

If you’re looking for a fun way to improve your game, you can use the TopspinPro on or off the court.

TopspinPro — Innovative Groundstroke Tennis Training Aids

Order Your Own TopspinPro for $139
It takes about 8 days to arrive in Hawaii & shipping is free. 

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