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Basic Racquet Care

  • Racquet – Avoid extreme temperatures. For instance, if you need to leave your racquet in the car on a hot sunny day, find a shady spot to park and crack the windows open to avoid “baking” your racquet. High temperatures can affect the integrity of the frame and cause string tension loss.  
  • Grip – Replace your grip or overgrip if it becomes worn and loses its original feel. If your grip starts to blister, or you see the underneath white layer, this is an indication that the grip is worn. This can cause your racquet to slip or twist in your hand, compromising your control and causing stress to your arm.
  • Strings – Your newly-restrung racquet loses string tension as soon as it comes off the stringing machine. Over time, the strings continue to lose tension and resilience. This negatively impacts performance and feel, causing balls to launch erratically off the string bed. 
Player TypeString TypeFrequency of stringing
Recreational Synthetic Gut HybridRestring in a year as many times as you play in a week.
RecreationalNatural GutEvery 12 months
Competitive  SyntheticEvery league season
CompetitiveHybridEvery 2-3 months
CompetitivePolyesterEvery month
CompetitiveNatural GutEvery 9 months
Rescommended Restringing Guide

When I restring your racquet, you will find a personalized racquet label on the inside of the racquet’s throat with a “Restring By” date, to remind you.