A Hui Hou! AM Stringing Maintains Tennis Services for Oahu Customers — Expands to Big Island as the New Director of Tennis for Royal Kona Resort

Albert Murata AM Stringing Oahu Tennis Services Owner

It’s Not Goodbye — It’s A Hui Hou!

As many of you know, my wife, Heather, and I are moving to the Big Island to be closer to my parents and assist at the family homestead. Accepting the role of Director of Tennis at the Royal Kona Resort is the icing on the cake. But stay with me here. Tennis services for Oahu customers will continue!

Since 1985, I’ve enjoyed providing my Oahu customers with stringing service, a custom demo program, and competitive pricing on Prince products. I’m grateful for your support and the friendships we’ve developed! I’m sad to leave the island, but I’m looking forward to my new role as the Director of Tennis for the Royal Kona Resort in Kailua-Kona. 

The last day you can drop off a racquet for stringing before I leave is December 31, 2020. But AM Stringing is not saying goodbye. I plan to provide continued service and sales for Oahu customers. The details are as follows:

Oahu Tennis Stringing Services

I’ll be providing mail-in service for those of you who want me to continue stringing your racquets.

  • Before I leave, I’ll give you a racquet box you can use to mail your racquet to me.
  • You pay for the shipping to send it to me, and I pay for the shipping to send it back to you.
  • Mailing one racquet costs about $8.20, and mailing two racquets costs about $8.70.
  • Call/text me when you mail your racquet so I know it’s coming – (808) 554-3878. 
  • Turnover time – 3 to 5 days. I’ll string your racquet the same day I receive it, then mail it back to you by the next day. 

I’m referring all clients to Shane Cashen for those of you who want to have your racquet strung on Oahu.

  • I’ve been mentoring him for the last two years, and I trust he will provide excellent stringing service.
  • He’s located in the St. Louis Heights area but also offers mobile service.
  • You can arrange drop-off and pickup locations.
  • Cell – (808) 381-4937
  • Email – tennisninjahawaii@gmail.com

Oahu Tennis Retail Sales Services — Prince & Yonex

I’ll be offering a mail order service for those of you who want to purchase Prince or Yonex products.

  • Prince — Go to Tennis Warehouse to check available stock.
  • Yonex — Go to Tennis Warehouse or Yonex USA to check out their products.
  • Competitive internet pricing — I will match or sometimes beat prices listed on Tennis Warehouse, except for clearance items. 
  • I’ll mail your product and split the shipping cost with you. 
  • In this way, you’ll still be supporting local!

Oahu Tennis Services — Custom Demo Program

For those who want to demo a Prince or Yonex racquet, I’ll provide service via mail.

  • Contact me for advice so I can confirm the right demo(s) for you to try.
  • Provide me with your current preferences — string, tension, and grip size.
  • I’ll mail the demo(s) and pay for shipping.
  • You play with them for at least a week at no charge.
  • You pay for the shipping to send it back to me. 

I hope you can take advantage of these offerings in some way. It would be nice to stay in touch and still keep our connection going.

Mahalo for your support and A Hui Hou!

Happy Holidays . . . Let’s make 2021 good enough to forget about 2020!! 


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Albert Murata

You could find Director of Tennis for the Royal Kona Resort Tennis Club, Albert Murata, stringing racquets in the AM Stringing Pro Shop or Pro Circuit events, teaching on the courts, coaching a youth tennis team, or playing league tennis! He has a long history in the tennis community from Kona to Oahu.

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